Made with bytes*

* made with several bytes before compression. No bytes where harmed during this transmission.

Passionate about web development.

Made with bytes Ltd. is company founded and based in London which offers web development and consultancy services.

We care about our clients and understand their needs, this is why we use the best technologies available to help them meet their objectives. Our applications are engineered to generate business value.

My name is Alfredo Aguirre, founder of Made with bytes Ltd.

I am an experienced developer and I love creating and contributing open to source projects. My work can be found in Github, also you can read some of my thoughts on or in the write-ups section.

I have experience in working with digital agencies and start-ups creating scalable, high-performant, cross-browser, multilingual, social-network integrated online applications, for high profile clients.

My expertise allows me to hit the ground running and take an idea from zero to completion, with short turnarounds, delivering high quality to the client.

If you have an awesome idea and you would like to turn it into something real, please get in touch via , linkedin or .