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Write ups.

Introducing django startproject plus.

Alfredo Aguirre on 01 April 2013

The template functionality on Django's startproject command is great, but a template system without support for more context variables is not very helpful with more complex setups.

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The deployment black box, Mercurio

Alfredo Aguirre on 19 February 2013

Mercurio is a set of components designed to transmit a message to the host and perform an action with the push of a button in a black box, while encouraging good development practices.

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The 3 environments that will save your life someday.

Alfredo Aguirre on 17 February 2013

Web applications can be complex and error prone (due the complexity). Using a three different environments such as Development, Staging and Production with meaningful tests will help to polish your application into a better product before it is released.

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Install node.js and coffescript inside a python virtualenv

Alfredo Aguirre on 31 December 2011

If you want to use coffee-script or node.js into a project using python virtual environments without having to fiddle with your entire system, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

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The importance of being a lazy developer

Alfredo Aguirre on 22 July 2011

Working with creative agences quick turn arounds and time sensitive deadlines are always there. To deliver products from the technical side of things there are tasks that are performed once or several times. It is always useful to have stack of tools that help to "hit the ground running"

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